Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To Kindle or not to Kindle...That is the question.

I am planning a few trips and considering how to transport all of the books that I am reading.  If I were to leave today, this is the stack I would take -

If I were going very far, I would pare it down a little, but I like options.  It would be much easier if I bought a Kindle -

I actually borrowed this Kindle from my mother for my trip to Palm Springs.  It was much easier to carry around than a stack of books.  However, it just didn't feel the same.  Books feel like friends, but a Kindle is like a computer, which feels much less personal.  I won't even talk about how frustrated I got when I would turn too many pages at once and lose my place.  Then, my book ended when the Kindle said I was at 77%.  I was a little taken aback.  And how strange is it to have to stop reading during take off and landing?

I guess I have talked myself out of it for now.  I will be building up my muscles with my stack of books.


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Katie said...

My hus has a kindle and likes it. I know in some ways it would be easier, like if you can't find the book you want at the library, you can rent in on Kindle or like you said, it's more compact for multiple books, but I'm with you. I much prefer a real book. I like the feel of something tangible and comfy. There's nothing comfy about a computer.