Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kitchen ideas

Someone thought that my kitchen interpreted as fashion is what I am going to show to the interior designer next week.  No, I was just having fun.  This is what I am really going to show her -

I love everything about this photo - the wood and metal table with the acrylic chairs, the huge window with the black metal mullions, the rustic beams, and the wild flowers with plain white dishes.

Hanson General Contracting, Inc. *

I am looking for a sink that is not as hard as the porcelain covered one we have now, since someone in my family has broken half of our dishes in it.  Stainless steel is an option, but I would like to look into this copper -

Robert Schwartz and Karen Williams for St. Charles *

In keeping with the gold toned accents, these knobs are like jewerly for your cabinets -

Anthropologie *

I love the look of banquet and bench seating; however, I don't know about the practicality of them with my antsy kids. 

William Hefner Architecture Interiors and Landscape *

I want to use some eye-catching light fixtures like this -

I have had this picture forever, because I love the uniqueness of the steel cabinets -

And, of course, I need some big, colorful art -

I love color, but it is so hard to find kitchens that are colorful without being country or kitchy.  So, I would like to applaud this designer who not only used color but pattern very successfully in a sophisticated kitchen -  

O Interior Design *

I will keep you updated on the process...

* - Photo obtained from


Reagan said...

beautiful. fun. wish i was working with you!

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