Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wrap dress - Part 2

I have loved wrap dresses for a long time.  I think they are elegant and classic looking as well as flattering on everyone.  After purchasing a few at Macy's and H&M, I dreamed of owning a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress.  She is considered the "inventor" of the modern wrap dress, but her "inventions" cost a lot of money.  Last year, I found one at a consignment store in Buckhead -

Then, I dreamed of making my own.  I started with a pattern that was for a fully lined cotton dress.  It wasn't exactly what I wanted and was wearable only after sewing the skirt completely closed in the front and adding a tank top -

This week I adjusted a pattern that I found here to make a knit wrap dress -

Now I have enough wrap dresses to last a life time.  Next I'm going to work on one for my mother.


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Love the color! Well done.