Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3D inspiration

This week, I've found inspiration lying underneath this canopy of trees in our front yard -

I love how it's 10 degrees cooler in the shade and how the branches and leaves and light intersect to create interesting patterns.  I found these feathers on the ground.  The way their color goes from white to gray to blue reminds me of a blue ombre dress I once tried on.  It was a very simple shape with beautiful color.  I wish I could find some of that fabric now.

Lately, I have also been intrigued by clothes with different shapes and details like the clothes made by Renske Solkesz as shown on her blog.  She spent a year making her own clothes, so I feel a little bond with her.  Her clothes are interesting without being flashy.  She talks about using 3 dimensional elements in her design, so I thought about her when I saw this piece of bark -

It looks like a sculpture to me.  It comes from this tree whose bark is continually peeling off.  I don't know if that is OK for the tree or not, but it is really pretty -

I have a few "normal" looking projects in the pipeline, but after that, I'll see if I can come up with something more creative...

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