Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little French flair

I am always attracted to items with French flair.  Parisian dress and decor make me want to slow down and enjoy an espresso (which I drank soon after I purused this store).  There is a vendor at the Canton Street Antique Market in Roswell that draws inspiration from our European friends.

This recycled canvas bag ($38) would be a great carryall for the summer.  It wouldn't matter if you got a little sand or dirt on it, because it is already worn in -

I love the French language and really wanted to buy a French book -

I have a soft spot for pretty hardback books.  If I remembered more of my high school French, I would have purchased this one (although I might go back and buy it just for looks) -

I don't know what you would do with this wire cage, but it would give an authentic look to a French country kitchen -


Tim Gardner said...

Lynn's work is very nice. We got a chance to see some of her things at the vintage show last weekend at the Goat Farm Art Project. Her booth at the Canton Street Antique Market is, as you point out, quite nice, too.

wrightmusing said...

In addition to the French ambiance, this shop has many more delights - vintage suitcases, handmade silk pillows, lavender by the scoop - and always surprisingly reasonable prices! I love shopping at her booth in Canton st in Roswell.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Meredith for showcasing my "shop" at Canton Street in Roswell !! I'm always bringing in new merchandise & I hope you'll visit me again ! Lynn