Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I can see your ankles

When I was in Europe last summer, I saw some men and women wearing pants with elastic around the ankles -  

I have since seen this trend arrive in America for women (usually in a cropped-leg version), but I was doubtful for it to catch on with men.  However, it seems the American men have adapted it by rolling up their pants legs to the ankles -

I am guessing that this trend will not trickle down to the masses but may encourage men to wear a slimmer leg on their pants -

Nigel Barker and J. Alexander from America's Next Top Model

What do you think?  Will the men in your life ever roll up their pants?


Katie said...

nope. will yours?

Meredith M Howard said...

It took my guy years just to wear dark wash jeans instead of khaki pants. I don't think he is going to adopt any trends. (Although his friend who visited us last weekend rocked this look.)

Living Chic Studio said...

My husband tends to pick up trends after they are on their way out (i.e. just was able to convice him to buy a pair of aviators...really?). So in about 3-5 years he will be rolling up his pant legs:-)