Saturday, December 31, 2011

Overlooked complexity

Yes, it is an eye.  One of the things that motivated me to think about the eye was my daughter's proclamation, "I'm bored."  I immediately responded, "Are you kidding me?  You just received 100 new toys!"  But it makes perfect sense.  I even tested it out.  I let my girls open 1 present two days before Christmas, and they played with that toy all day.  Then, Christmas came, and they opened a lot of presents.  They played with those for an hour before they were bored.  Their attention was spread too thin.  Too many choices led to dissatisfaction.

So, I started thinking how limiting your choices and going deeper into a simple subject can open up the universe of your mind.  I like how just changing your perspective can make an "everyday object" look abstract -

...or ethereal -

... like a destination -

...or somewhat creepy -

The eye is the second most complex organ that you possess and can distinguish 500 shades of gray.  80% of what you learn is through your eyes.  So, one of my New Year's resolutions is to try to see things in a new way.  To see people in a new way.  Instead of hurrying around to accomplish tasks (which is my nature), to stop and look.  I often spend my time trying to obtain more when I have so much right in front of me. 

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Cameron Adams said...

What thought provoking use of selective focus. Happy New Year!