Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas for all ages

Last night we stepped back in time when we had our special family Christmas dinner at a restaurant that has been in Atlanta since 1972 -

We've been there several times.  My husband loves the food, but I love the fact that the hostess and waiters entertain my children when they get antsy.  In years past, they have literally taken my children on a walk around the restaurant while my husband and I finished our dinner.  This year, my girls did pretty well at the table while we enjoyed our crab claws, blackened amberjack, and red beans and rice.

Then, they heard someone singing in the next room.  You may have been to karaoke night with 20-year- olds, but have you ever been to "open mic" night with a room full of 80-year-olds?

The "regulars" were delighted with my little girls, and my girls were delighted with them.  Then, of course, my girls had to sing, too -

My youngest would have stayed all night.  It was a memorable Christmas experience.  I know my kids will be begging to go back next year. 

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