Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pink paint

Today, I am thankful that I am finished painting my daughter's room!  I was a little scared about the color, but I really like it.  It gives everything a rosy glow.  I went with a grayed out version of what I wanted, and it looks much brighter than it did on the chip.  Just the right amount of brightness.  (With pink and yellow paint, always choose a shade less intense than you think you want.)

I am also thankful for blue tape -

I am a messy painter, so I taped off everything.  And I still got paint on the ceiling.  But not too much.  I am also thankful for plastic tarps, because I splattered paint everywhere -

So, now I just need to clean up and change out the toddler bed for her new twin bed.  Then, I need to make curtains, pillows, a new painting...I think I need an Oreo milkshake right now.

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Anonymous said...

E. will look very pretty in pink.