Wednesday, May 16, 2012


As I am redecorating my daughter's new pink room, I have noticed that I really like outfits and rooms that are layered in texture, pattern, and color.  I love the way this girl put together a print dress, a denim shirt and a textured coat (with sparkly buttons) topped off with a sparkly necklace -

Her outfit actually reminds me of my bedroom with the blues and creams and a bit of sparkle.  However, my bedroom is a little more "design on a dime" than her outfit and has literally been "collected over time", which is now a popular phrase used by interior designers.  I have been using the same headboard since I was 6.  Although it's not my favorite headboard in the world, I'm glad wicker is finally back in style.  Well, wicker purses are in style.  Headboards are going to be next.  I can feel it. 

The lamps are from Target.  The bench and mirror are from Homegoods.  And yes, I have recently converted a bookshelf into a shoe shelf, because I have no closet space.  It may become a much larger installation very soon.

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