Monday, April 16, 2012

Per your request

My dad said over the phone today, "I sure do wish you would post some pictures of the boo-boos on your blog."  The pictures of my kids are some of the very few things that my dad likes about my blog.  He thinks the photos from New York Fashion Week are INSANE and that all of those people "have no idea what they are doing" when they get dressed and he hopes they aren't "on our government dole".  So you may be able to see now why I went into accounting instead of fashion.  It all worked out OK in the end.  Accounting was where I met my husband.  If I had gone into fashion, I would probably be living in New York in my 300 square foot apartment with no husband, no money, and no idea how to post an adjusting journal entry.

With that explanation, here are some photos of my kids for my dad -


Anonymous said...

Now that is what I call an outstanding blog. Dad

Miss Lori Akin said...

I think your dad is on to something....I kind of agree of his description of the NYers. Love these pictures of your kiddos! :)