Thursday, April 12, 2012

Palm Springs architecture

I love the architecture in Palm Springs.  I saw some beautiful Spanish style houses with wonderful doors and gates and little courtyards -

 There is also a lot of mid century modern and art deco, both of which I adore -

That was all right outside our hotel.  I walked around in the neighborhood for hours.  Every little detail was so different from what I normally see.  And it was so quiet.  A little slice of architectural heaven.  I'll show you more tomorrow.


Randall Reynolds said...
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Randall Reynolds said...

(Corrected Comment) Love your abstract of "Doors". That said, was surprised to see my partner's home on Patencio Road (11th image) great shot of this classic. With very private pool and large bar, it was a popular weekend destination for L.A. gays in the 80's. We both enjoyed your blog!