Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lunch hour shopping

A friend and I were supposed to go out to lunch but ended up spending our lunch hour at Anthropologie in the up-and-coming Westside of Atlanta.  We browsed the sale racks, and I found this skirt in raspberry -

I like the bright color, as you know.  However, what am I going to wear with all of my brightly colored tops?  So, I tried on the skirt in khaki -

I liked the khaki better in the store, but now I think it looks too safari.  I brought them both home, so I can decide later.

I also tried on some harem pants -

They are soooo comfortable but look dumpy and (once again) safari on me.  Here is where a little styling helps.  Around the corner, walked this sales girl wearing the same pants -

Now, it does help that she has model-like proportions.  However, she also paired the pants with a slim fitting shirt, a belt and higher wedges.  And she pushed the elastic higher up on her leg.  All of these changes made the pants look much more stylish -

I'm going to wait for them to go on sale.  Even if I don't end up with any clothes, Anthropologie is always worth the trip just for the decor -


Alicia said...

Love that store! Also, love the skirt in raspberry!

the nyanzi report said...

love that sofa.

Miss Lori Akin said...

Love the raspberry skirt and LOVE the white top! :)