Friday, May 6, 2011

A little flattery, please

Lest I bore all my readers with my introspection this week, I thought I would change the subject today and talk a little about flattery.  I don't like flattery from people, but I do like it from my clothes.   Let's take the peasant blouse for example.  I am seeing it gain in popularity, and it's actually hard to avoid.  So, I myself purchased one a couple of weeks ago -

Ann Taylor Loft

I was drawn in by the print, because this was during my print obsession. 

This shirt is extremely comfortable and was on sale.  However, once I got home and looked at the pictures, I realized something.  The elastic at the waist adds puffiness at the exact spot most women are trying to lose it.  Why would I want wear something like that? 

Well, one reason I might compromise a little flattery is if I love the item regardless.  If this blouse had been a bright color rather than a neutral, I probably would have kept it.  But the fit didn't do anything for me and the color didn't either, so that was 2 strikes against the flattery.

This style of blouse is evidence of the "push" marketing that occurs today.  Someone far away from us decides what they think will sell, and then pushes it out into the market.  Adding elastic to something makes an exact fit less important, and voila! you sell more tops. 

Now, I know the next time I see a friend wearing a peasant style top, she is going to say, "I don't care what you say.  I like it."  My response will be, "Good.  Then wear it.  Seriously."  My intent is not to talk you out of peasant style blouses - or anything else that is not perfectly flattering.  I myself own plenty of not perfectly flattering items (skinny jeans, for one).  I just want you to make your own decisions and not be "pushed" upon by the one-size-fits-all designer far, far away.

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lindsayleboyer said...

some trends are just not for me, i haven't tried peasant blouses yet, but i'm curious as to whether i'll agree with you or decide i love them. i think it could go either way!