Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Selby

Last night, I went with my family and some friends to the opening night of Todd Selby's exhibit at Jackson Fine Art.

Toddy Selby

Mr. Selby's photo of a "friend of a friend" in her space.

Mr. Selby's photo of Karl Lagerfeld's space.

 Todd Selby photographs interesting people in their interesting places resulting in his project called "The Selby is in Your Place".

The Selby's new book
  My daughter was so upset that she didn't get to actually see the photographer last night (due to the crowds).  So, we went back this morning to listen to Mr. Selby speak about his work.

Mr. Selby speaking to the crowd
 He got started in 2000 by shooting pictures of his friends in their places.  Then he started taking pictures of friends of friends.  He did some work for various magazines.  Word got around.  Now he gets requests from all over and is invited into the homes of famous designers, models and artists.

Mr. Selby's photo of Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler playing ping pong.
 He adds extra depth to his work by conducting a very entertaining hand written interview with each of his subjects.

Christian Louboutin
 Check out his book and his blog at

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