Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fashion Emergency!

My husband told me last night that we are going to a black tie event next Saturday!  Fun - right?  But it's in one week!  I have to get my hair cut and highlighted at two different places (strange, I know), find a babysitter, and most importantly FIND SOMETHING TO WEAR! 

This is what I wore to the last black tie event I attended (with all of the same people who will be at this event):

I would gladly suck up my pride and wear this again except for the fact that I feel like it is just a tad too short.  (I know you can't tell, because my photographer cut off my feet.)  Also, I think I will be cold.  Although, this dress kind of goes with the one shoulder theme going on right now, and I bought this dress in 1996!

I am really dreaming of a white long-sleeved Calvin Klein type dress, so I can be warm and glamorous.  I may try to make one, because how hard can that be?  

I'll keep you posted... 


Unknown said...

Good luck with the dress! Should come out nice considering the other things you have made.

Anonymous said...

I may know someone who can baby sit.