Monday, November 19, 2012

The design process never ends...

Well, I had made two firm decisions about our kitchen - the wallpaper and the light fixture.  Now, we have determined that our ceiling is too low for the light fixture.  My husband and I have had several fights discussions over the fate of the light fixture.  The contractor suggested that we raise the ceiling.  My husband determined that we are now designing the kitchen around the light fixture.  And I responded that I was doing that all along.  But to allow my marriage this project to survive, I am giving this light fixture over to God.

I have to say that I have enormous guilt over splurging on a light fixture that doesn't even fit in our house (and can't be returned).  However, today I ran into some friends who recently had a stomach virus, and as I was slowly backing away from them, I was thinking to myself that the light fixture has not afflicted me in any physical way.  I would rather have to sell 10 light fixtures on Craig's list than have a stomach virus.  And to further put it all in perspective, this is the verse that I read this morning -

"Blessed are they whose trangressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.  Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him."

It doesn't say, "Blessed is he whose kitchen is really cool because of that amazing light fixture."  So, it feels a little like a death to give up my "art piece" (but not as bad as a stomach virus).  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am very thankful that all I can complain about is that it seems like we will never get this kitchen constructed.  I am very blessed that my family is healthy and happy and especially that my sins are covered (because they are many).

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