Thursday, November 29, 2012

In the process - Part 3

Earlier this week I promised you more discussion on porcelain tiles.  I'm sorry, but our contractor has decided that hardwood floors will be best.  He says the tile will crack as the house settles.  So, there will be no more searching for tile flooring.  (Although, there are some really cool porcelain tiles out there that look like hardwood.  And vinyl tiles that looks like hardwood.  If the kitchen floor wasn't going right next to real hardwoods, I would consider either of those options.)

This kitchen design has been a loooong process, and I'm still trying to learn how to enjoy the process.  According to Tom Rath's Strengths Finder book, I'm an "achiever".  Everyday I "start at zero" and must achieve something to feel good about myself that day.  That is totally how I think.  And that is why I am so uncomfortable ending the day in the middle of the process.  But now that I know that about myself, I can tell myself that it is "OK!"

So, in an effort to find beauty in the middle of the process, I am going to totally switch gears.  I am going to end this day with some fashion inspiration.  I love how the coat is perfectly fitted in the shoulders but flowy around the lapel. And I really like the scarf.  This outfit is neutral but very interesting in its mix of texture and pattern  -

I hope you are seeing some beauty in the midst of your process.

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Katie said...

You do know, in these parts, that hounds tooth pattern means, ROLL TIDE!!