Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cheap thrills

I needed to clear my brain a little last week, so I took an inspirational trip to Ikea.  I like looking at all of the stuff I could buy so cheaply.  Even their kitchens are amazingly cheap.  You could buy this whole kitchen (including appliances) for $3,640!  I have always liked the look of high gloss white cabinets, and if I lived in a more modern house, that is what I would get.

I like the dark gray tile and the dark gray quartz (which I think is Caesarstone in concrete).

I also like their space saving wine racks -

  The one item I intended to buy on this trip was this acrylic chair -

I have been eyeing acrylic chairs for years, and then I found out that Ikea has them for $79.  So, I wrote down my item number and decided to head for the check out.  A trip to Ikea always starts out full of possibilities.  It always ends in - "How do I get out of this place?!"  When I finally found the "bin" for this item there were none left.  My purchase of the acrylic chair was not to be.  I guess I'll try again next year when I have another few hours to navigate the maze.

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