Friday, October 26, 2012

Light fixtures

When I showed my husband this light fixture, he said, "That looks like it belongs in an art gallery."  SOLD.  It is the first purchase for our kitchen, and I am so excited to have actually decided on something.  We are also going to use the wallpaper I found at Jonathan Adler.  What a great shopping day that was.  

I have moved on to appliances.  First, I went to Lowe's.  It was OK.  They were very nice and had a fairly good selection, but it was kind of confusing.  So, I wandered over to light fixtures, because I still need lights for the rest of my house.  They have some cute stuff (that is much less expensive than the one I just purchased) -   

Even though appliances aren't as pretty as light fixtures, I still need them.  So, I went to Sewell Appliance.  It is amazing.  The showroom is beautiful and the sales people are so helpful.  My biggest dilemma right now is whether to spend the extra money to get a 36 inch range.  My 4 burners are always crowded - probably because I don't have a microwave.  But honestly, I would rather continue to live without a microwave and spend the extra money on a bigger range.  (I don't know if my husband would go for that.)  So, what do you think - 30 or 36 inches?  

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