Thursday, October 18, 2012

The status of the splatter paint fabric

Inspired by Jay McCarroll's pants, I purchased some splatter paint fabric at Mood (the fabric store of choice on Project Runway) -

I have started on a wrap dress for myself (as if I need any more wrap dresses, but I just thought it would be so cute).  I promised my New York friend, Elizabeth, a t-shirt out of this fabric, so I whipped one up today while she was in town.  However, I was so un-confident in my ability to make a garment with no fittings that I didn't even take my camera when she tried it on.  It fit!  I was excited, but I have nothing to show you.  I promise I will take a picture of the wrap dress when it is done.

We did have a conversation about buying high quality items that will last longer.  That is one thing I have decided to do once I am buying clothes again.  This fabric buying experience showed me that I still tend to buy cheaper and more "fun" items (i.e. splatter paint fabric) versus more expensive and "mature" items (i.e. these beautiful silks that are $25 a yard) -

I thought maybe I could buy them online later.  Alas, they are not for sale online.  It is nearly impossible to find good silk fabric in Atlanta.  I can't believe I passed them up.

Anyway, while I was there, I had to buy t-shirts for my girls who now love to watch Project Runway with me.  Don't miss the finale tonight!

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