Monday, October 22, 2012

Kitchen status - Part 2

I had so much fun at the Jonathan Adler store today.  It was refreshing to be inspired in the midst of all of the minute decisions I am trying to make about the kitchen.  I saw this light fixture online and loved it, so I went to the store to see it in person -

...and I still love it.  The only problem is that it is sooo expensive, and I'm sure CB2 will have a knock off next year.  However, it will be an art piece for the room, so I think it's worth it.  And it's on sale this week.

I also might have found some wallpaper for the dining room -

It's bold, but it's only going on one little wall at the end of the dining room.  Here is a close-up -

They have so many cool items that I could easily make my house look like a Jonathan Adler showroom.  I have seen these art pieces online, but didn't know they were sold here -

I really like these modular pieces that can be made into beautiful dressers or consoles -

And all of their dishes and books and knickknacks are really fun.  These are salt and pepper shakers -

Now, I just need to make sure my husband likes the light fixture.  Then, I can make our first actual purchase for our kitchen/dining room project!

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