Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New outfit

This is what I wore on Tuesday -

BCBG jacket, Banana Republic shirt, Swarovski necklace, Gap jeans, Aldo boots

I rarely wear this jacket (because it is so ruffly), and this is the first time I have ever worn this shirt.  I was trying to select items that I never wear, and I ended up really liking the outfit.  Tomorrow, wear something that you never wear for whatever reason - too bright, too dressy, too hard to iron.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and you will discover new outfits you already have in your closet.

1 comment:

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

hey girl, you look elegant and stylish. it is very hard to do, just an everyday look, but still fabulous.

so thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment