Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm back

I went to Las Vegas this past weekend  -

We stayed at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay, and here is the view from our first room -

I say our "first" room, because we had to go through 2 other rooms to find one that didn't have a party going on in the adjoining suite.  The Hotel was very accommodating, but it was a little annoying to be moving our bags from room to room at 10 pm (1 am Atlanta time). 

Just prior to that, we had dinner at RM Seafood.  The restaurant is owned by Rick Moonen from Top Chef Masters (one of my favorite shows).  So, when the table next to us spotted Rick across the restaurant, it felt like a star sighting to me.  He saw them trying to take his picture and graciously came over to talk to them.  Then, I jumped in on the action -

It would have been a wonderful evening if it had stopped right there.  But then a waitress proceeded to dump our whole dinner on the floor, which splattered food on both my husband and me.  And that is all I will say about that.

Come back tomorrow to see more of my trip...

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Katie said...

man, you like to leave us hanging!