Monday, December 27, 2010

The second issue in finding my balance

I adore fashion...

...but I also find that it leaves something lacking in my soul.  Few things give me the thrill that I feel when watching a fashion show or examining the beauty of an exquisitely crafted garment.   However, there seems to be a very short satisfaction point in this industry.  The love of fashion can easily grow into simply a lust for more and more beauty.

For most of my life, fashion meant appreciating the newest looks and figuring out how to wear them.   But lately, I have been feeling like it could mean more - helping other people feel beautiful or by creating a dress that makes a person's life easier.  Maybe meaningful fashion is called style and exists to make one's life concurrently simple and beautiful.  Can the beauty of fashion have a place in the real world of truth and bring to us any of the meaningfulness of love?

"People will remember almost nothing of what you tell them and only slightly more of what you do.  But they will remember for the rest of their lives how you made them feel." - Randall Wallace, film screen writer and director (as quoted in World magazine)

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