Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saying "YES"!

So, my first issue was learning to say "no".  (Still working on that - more to come in future posts.)  But to what should I say "yes"? 

I asked myself, "What does my soul crave?"  I wrote down all of the answers that came to my mind.  The overarching theme seemed to be a phrase I heard years ago - "truth, beauty, and love".  All three are essential.  If you lose one, you become unbalanced. 

What form should "truth, beauty, and love" take in my life?  Obviously, I want to retain my position as wife to my husband and mother to my children.  This position seems to be primarily about love but based on truth and needs beauty to be enjoyable.  Beyond that, I feel I have a dream in my DNA to artistically create something bigger than myself.   This dream is initially driven by a pursuit of beauty but starts to die when I do not incorporate the meaningfulness of love and the reality of truth. 

What does your soul crave?  What dream is in your DNA?

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