Monday, December 31, 2012

One month left

I started my "year of not buying clothes" 11 months ago.  (I know a lot of you think it is over today, but I started on February 1.)  I didn't intend to make it a protest against consumerism, but I have learned a lot about my consumer tendencies during this process.  I thought that not buying clothes would make me feel like I didn't have a lot of clothes, but it has done the opposite.  It has magnified the amount of stuff I already have.  We all gasp at the "hoarders" they show on TV, but maybe all Americans are hoarders to some degree.  This just came out of our basement -

And this is only the broken stuff!  We have already given away two van loads full of the good stuff.  And we aren't finished yet!  How did we have this much stuff in our basement?  Our basement is not very big.

I think I rely too much on my stuff for comfort, for memories, and as a storehouse for the future.  "I might need that one day."  I am getting rid of everything that I say that about.  I can live with less resources and make it work.  I have a vision of a streamlined closet, house, and life!  (Well, maybe life can never be too streamlined, but at least I won't have so much stuff in the way.)

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