Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I thought I would spend this month cleaning out closets and re-purposing and recycling items.  I started off well.  Before giving away a huge box of clothing, I pulled out one of my husband's suit jackets to turn into a vest for myself.  But I was slowed down by the padding, the lining, and the pockets...and then I quit.   I did buy a Diane von Furstenberg dress from a consignment store.  That's recycling other people's clothing - right?

I was so inspired by the art at the museum and elsewhere (which I will show you later this week), that I've been working on several art projects.  I was also inspired by my inability to find pants that fit to attempt to make a pair of pants.  So far, the process has been pretty funny.  Maybe I shouldn't have started with a pattern that included in the "skills list" - "you need to be able to assemble and apply angled pockets and construct a fly front opening with a zipper."  I've realized the reason I like photography better than sewing is that if you mess up in photography, you don't have to spend 30 minutes taking out the stitches. 

My inspiration for today comes from nature that I saw at the museum.  I think the bark on this tree looks like an abstract painting -

And the sun that day was just gorgeous and bright -

I will keep you posted on my pants and art projects, and I will definitely show you the DVF dress soon. 

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