Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Consignment store scores

I have a current obsession with consignment stores.  I love being surprised by what they have, and everything is relatively inexpensive.  It gets me out of my "regular store" rut and helps me to try new styles.  

Some of my favorite items have come from consignment stores in Atlanta.  I found a Whiting and Davis evening purse and striped skirt from Rag-O-Rama in Little Five Points -

Years ago, I found these Cynthia Steffe pants at Tabu (now closed).  They were cheap enough that I could take a risk on the bright red color -

Recently, I've fulfilled a long time dream of owning a dress by Diane Von Furstenberg, who is the queen of the modern wrap dress.  Fortunately, some Atlanta women have been cleaning out their closets, because I've located several DVF wrap dresses at local consignment stores.  I found a "maybe" at Alexis' Suitcase in Sandy Springs.  Then, I found a "definitely" at BChic in Buckhead -

It evokes a feeling of vintage Palm Springs, which is where I am going in a few months.  So, I bought something to remind me of my trip...before my trip. 

I've probably spent enough of my money for now, but let me know if you want me to help hunt around for you.  

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Miss Lori Akin said...

I love the purse and the wrap dress. So cute and fun on you! xo