Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chastain Park Arts Festival

I had a wonderful time at the Chastain Park Arts Festival (open until 6:00 today and again 11-5 tomorrow).  I've been to enough arts festivals this season that the vendors are starting to remember me.  I went to this festival intent on actually buying some items for Christmas presents, but I also ended up buying something for myself and learning about new artistic techniques that I would love to try one day. 

The first artist I came across was Patricia DiBona (  I love her paintings and prints.  They include layers of beeswax, which gives them an interesting look and feel -

And she makes beautiful antique looking jewelry that include initials or prints of her paintings -

Next, Julie Sola's layered ink prints ( intrigued me -

She carves the image into a block of wood and then prints them onto paper using a press or hand rubbing -

I bought one of her bird prints for my daughter's bedroom -

I think it looks good next to my "angry pink" painting -

Let me divert for a moment into the fashion of this Arts Festival.  Every woman seemed to be wearing scarves and sporting boots over their skinny jeans (actually the same outfit I was wearing).   I am fascinated when I go somewhere and everyone is wearing the same thing.  This sweater stood out from the crowd -

It was very cold, so the fingerless gloves were popular with the artists -

She bought them from  The funny thing is that this is the second time I've photographed this jewelry maker's clothes, and both times we've talked so much about the clothes that I forgot to take pictures of her jewelry.  If you read this, send me your website info, so I can plug your jewelry.

These fingerless leopard gloves belong to Kristi Hyde (  She purchase them at Urban Outfitters.  I loved the bird necklace that she had on display -

I thought Maggie Grier with her Fall colored scarf looked so pretty sitting in the sun that I stopped to take her picture -

Here is her beautiful artwork ( -

Sarah Tams' jewelry ( is just my style (and I thought she looked cute in her scarf and glasses) -

  Even though I was trying to shop for other people, I bought myself a little something -

I also loved the jewelry of Delias Thompson ( -

If anyone wants to buy me something for Christmas, you can shop at either of those last two vendors (especially the circle necklaces from Route Thirteen or the star necklace pictured above). 

I bought a Christmas present for one of my younger family members from Tom Kat Originals (  I can't reveal exactly which one in case they read this, but here are some of their leather accessories -

And finally, I have to mention Alan Mogensen (, because we had such a nice conversation about art and photography.  He still uses film and emphasizes the eye of the photographer over the equipment.  Here are a couple of the beautifully colorful photographs that he had on display (photos were obtained from his website) -

If you get a chance, stop by to see these wonderful artists in lovely Chastain Park.


Anonymous said...

Loved your blog on the Chastain Festival! Thanks,
Patrick Dennis, Director

Delias Thompson said...

Wow, some really amazing work. Thank you so much for sharing. I rarely get a chance to walk the shows as I have to stay in the booth. Now I feel like I got to experience all of the other wonderful artists!