Tuesday, October 25, 2011

City girl goes country...and finds art

This past weekend, we went to visit my husband's sister and her family in Missouri.  They live out in the country where it takes them 30 minutes to get anywhere.  My daughter argued with her cousin when she claimed they live in the suburbs.  The suburbs of what? 

All good natured kidding aside, I am fascinated by how different their surroundings are from mine -

They also have some interesting decor with all of the animals they have killed and hung on their wall -

The turkey was killed by Marlee, my niece, when she was 10.  In addition to being a good hunter, she's always been artistic.  During her hunting and animal phase, she drew this picture and left it at my house -

She is now 16 and has moved onto cities and collages - two subjects I currently love as well -

Here are her dressers -

And her drawing of the Van Gogh brothers -

She has also painted the sides of the school softball dugouts -

I can't wait to see what she does next.  I love finding interesting beauty in unexpected places.

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Anonymous said...

Marlee is quite talented.