Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion Week

Over the next few days, I want to pay tribute to New York Fashion Week by showing you interpretations of my favorite looks I saw on the runway.  It will be a little FSB (Finding Soul Balance) Fashion Week. 

Almost all of the items I will be wearing this week were purchased at least 2 years ago and some over 10 years ago.  It proves that the fashion cycles are moving faster and faster now so that everything re-emerges every few years.  You can wear almost anything now - it just depends on how you style it.

Last week in New York, both Carolina Herrera and The Row created some very ladylike fashions with their belted dresses and jackets.  They showed cropped pants but longer hemlines on the dresses (to the knee or more).  If you want to view the actual collections, go to

Benetton dress, Banana Republic belt, Alfani shoes

During FSB Fashion Week, think about your own signature style, because on Saturday I am going to issue a Finding Soul Style Challenge.

Check back tomorrow to see another one of my favorite looks...

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Anonymous said...

Wow. the quality of your photographs has jumped tremendously. Who is your new wonderful photographer? You must be hiring a professional now. Your secret admirer.