Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today, I found the bracelets that I have been looking for.  First, a silver chain bracelet that is reminiscent of Tammy's bracelet see in my January post "Signature Piece" -  

Bracelets from Express

And I finally found a silver cuff - only 3 days late. 

I want a real sterling silver cuff, but I have a mental block against items that cost more than $100.  That is my husband's realm.  Hmmm... isn't Valentine's Day coming up?

This leads to Style Tip #3 -
     Don't wait for the "big event" to search for something great.  Buy what you love when you see it, and it will be ready for you when the "big event" arrives. 

I need to take my own advice more often.


Katie said...

I love how you took these pics yourself in the mirror!


lovely blog))