Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 13

 They went from this - 

To this - 

Minwax Classic Gray

The floors are finished.  To be honest, I don't know if I like them yet.  They are a washed out grayish, reddish brown.  They look different in different lights - sometimes very reddish, sometimes very gray, sometimes brown.  The fact that the project manager and then floor guys really like them makes me feel better.  (But the project manager also told me he is color blind, so I don't think I should be listening to him.)  I think the floors look lonely, so I'm hoping once we have the walls painted, the art hung and furniture back in that they will look good.  Now, I'm going outside to enjoy this perfect day in Atlanta...



Anonymous said...

The gray looks wonderful! I'm consisering that stain now that i've seen it. Is the floor polyurethaned?

Meredith M Howard said...

I may write a separate post on the floors later, but here is the info. They used a water based sealer, because they said the oil based poly would not preserve the gray color properly. The water based sealer raises the grain and causes them to feel less slick than normal hardwoods. You can have them put an alcohol treatment on them to make the grain normal, but it makes the gray darker. I like the color, but I don't know if I would do these floors again. We have discovered that every scratch (of which we have a lot from the workmen)makes a white mark which is very visible. Someone is coming out to touch up our floors, but they seem more sensitive than our old floors with the regular poly.