Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 10

Drywall is up.  HVAC ducts have been installed.  Useless window and door have been bricked in.  Now onto the floors.

I have spent the last few days emptying our 92" x 84" bookcase of 17 boxes of books.  Soon, we will have hardwoods in the kitchen and this orangey-yellow floor will be a different color.  Then I can start showing you pretty stuff rather than torn up stuff.

To add to the stress of doing the floors, the contractor told me today that he wasn't sure we could use the wallpaper.  However, after he left, the project manager said, "If you want to use the wallpaper, we'll figure it out."  And that's why God put him on our project.  To keep me calm.

While they sand the floors, I'm off to look at marble for our small dining room cabinets...

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